Now you spitting some blasphemy. I pray that Yeezus visits you first during today's rapture!


Im not a fan of any boy band but ur blog is a majestic train wreck and I cant look away

my blog isn’t a trainwreck.

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But do u remember the days of lip syncing and having a good old time and tater tots

hannah montana is dead.

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luke & calum 4.19.14 toronto xx


originally libby just wanted liam to choke her with her hijab but now she wants michael to spit on her and calum to kill her


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Girl, how we supposed to support your destruction? 5sos will be your downfall, Libby, please! Remember what Liam did to you that dark, dark night. What you gon' do when one of these 5sos twinks posts a dic pic? YOU GON DIE LIBBY! At least a dic pic from Zayn is worth death. Praying for you on this day of the lord

now i’m thinking if luke’s salami will break my jaw. hopefully.

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Lib needs to go back to makin funny lip sync videos and ish this is too much


libby look at this slander

fuck all ya’ll i’m making calum’s dick my throne

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Dear Sahana, your friend Libby needs to find god immediately. Her thirst is off the charts.


libby even my anons are trying to help you find god 

i’m in love why does nobody ever support me.

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zayn in the kitty. calum and ashton in the ass. luke and niall both in the mouth. michael and liam in each hand. crypt keepers on the sidelines experimenting various hair growth treatments.

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You switch, bitch? How you gonna go from daddy z to 5sauce?! You cannot be both, Libby! Pick a side, ho! Look at you. Look at your choices. How dare you call anyone but Zayn and Ni "daddy. you so nast rn

listen……. my vagina ain’t exclusive to nobody. there’s enough space in my cavern for all four of them at the same time. 

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Calum in Toronto 4/19 (x)

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i want calum to rip out my spinal cord and use it to penetrate my ass.

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