gonna bow out for the night. ya’ll have been a great crowd !

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also, shoutout to my girl staylow ! always coming in with the creative clapbacks and having people reconsider their life path ! constantly on her wizard kelly stint by never showing her face but i stay loyal ! gotta have that blind faith ! never understood why she wants jesus to be a fence ! love her !

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Sahana (zlasses) really is not appreciated enough, and if you don’t follow her you are truly missing out

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Title: Nobody Compares
Artist: One Direction
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One Direction - Nobody Compares


salaam with all due respect ukhti there are brothers in this site and we are prone to fitnah when sisters post pictures of themselves so please don't do that and delete the ones you have posted


with all due respect akhi you can kiss my ass and unfollow me right quick it’s not my problem you can’t control your gaze I am in no way posting anything provocative so if a picture of me looking at a cup of tea turns you on then seek help i’m not here to cater to your whims ma’salaama

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First step to world peace: show everyone this gif


check your fb straight thuggin, its my final goodbyes (or so I keep saying, yet I keep messaging you, whoops) ~Troy

can you stop messaging me please.

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Niall’s impression of Zayn
(I did this mostly because of Zayn’s adorable laugh in the background)