anyways it has hit 5am i must go

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goodladnicelittlebody replied to your post “can someone link me to this”

is it to destroy the source

why would i destroy sucha beautiful relic…..

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can someone link me to this

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let’s talk about how harry farted in this interview

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do you get the vibe that i do when watching zarry in interviews and performances that harry gets annoyed with zayn? ever since the video of him pushing zayn on the live chat that's what i seem to notice. or is this just me???

i think they were a lil mean toward each other during their x factor days but i’m p sure zayn would take bullets for harry… zarry is the squad

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Why don't you like the song alive?

it’s a tacky ass song about sex addiction like no thanks

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my name is harry.. OOH i’m cold

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